Friday, 26 April 2013

Y9 Chocolate trade enquiry

In the next few lessons you will be putting together an enquiry about the chocolate trade.
The first question asks you to locate the main cocoa growing countries. Here is a list of the top ten producers.

You can use this page to create your own map to show where the cocoa comes from.
  • Here is a link that tells the story of chocolate from bean to bar. 
  • Investigate why people think there are problems with the chocolate trade here
  • Find out about Fairtrade chocolate here
  • Find out about the designs on the Divine chocolate bar here
  • If you get stuck on how to write a bibliography use this to help
  • If you come across and useful resources or enquiry questions you can ask then post them below for others to view.

Your homework this week is to research an organisation called Kuapa Kokoo and find out how Faitrade has helped these cocoa farmers in Ghna. The link takes you to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Make notes about what they do and their links with Divine chocolate. Bring your notes in to next lesson to help you with the enquiry. Due dates are Friday 10th May (9Y3) and Tuesday 7th May (9X3)

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